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Hermit Thrush

Hello! My real name is Julia LaFond, and I'm a grad student in Pennsylvania. I enjoy creative writing in my spare time, especially sci-fi and fantasy.
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Red, yellow, and brown:
A crisp breeze ruffles the leaves
Falling one by one.
An osprey perches
On a pine by the lakeside.
And then it flies south.
The full moon rises
Over the [+]

PSU Through the Woods
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"Hold on, my shoes came untied." Dave stoops down, fiddling with his sneakers.
"No rush; we've got all day to catch up. Cole took the little monsters to the pool."
"Good way to keep them [+]

PSU Through the Woods
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Sometimes the woods are beautiful.
When finches perch in the silent canopy.
When red-orange leaves flutter down around me.
When the ice coats the branches sparkles with filtered light.
When it [+]

PSU Through the Woods
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The schoolmaster stayed too late tonight;
The crescent moon has taken flight.
He walks ahead with cloak clutched tight,
Though home is far and out of sight.
Amidst the trees he does not [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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Penelope nestled against the pillows on her bed, pretending not to see the stack of cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of her new room. Their jumbled contents could be dealt with in the morning [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU Lost and found

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