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Childhood Education Assistant in The Arboretum at Penn State, mom of 2, geologist, scientific illustrator. First pet: rooster. Favorite book: The Master and Margarita. Worst job: clerk at fancy farm market. Best job: current job. Weirdest experience: chasing a Himalayan tahr. Nearest-death experience (maybe): stepping on viper in Brazil. Thinks everyone should go to: the Appalachian Mountains.
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The astronomer stared at his computer screen, flop sweat soaking through his shirt, thinking about fate, unaware that in the empyrean realm of Mt. Olympus, the Fates were arguing.
Clotho, the [+]

PSU Written in the Stars
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The princess had lost her shoes and now every step came with a soft squelch and the unfamiliar feeling of mud welling up between her toes. She was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat one of the [+]

PSU Through the Woods
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Back when the Nittany Valley was iron mines and furnaces, an old bachelor named Moses Mifflin rented half his one room cabin to one Willy Nixon, a miner recently arrived from Huntingdon County [+]

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PSU The Witching Hour

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