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An interdisciplinary scientist, explorer, teacher, artist, and writer with the philosophy of "if you're not reading between the lines, you've missed at least half the story!"
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I’d come to Alaska to get away from all the headaches that come from living in a big city – the noise, the chaos, and the toxic pollution that humans inevitably leave in their wake. To return to [+]

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PSU April Showers
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Crash boom break
A ship falls in the night
Crash boom break
The waves bring close new life
Let the sea provide for all our needs
Tomorrow we’ll have such a feast
Crash boom break [+]

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PSU Brunchin' Around
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Peer behind the looking glass
And see where Alice fell
Lose your mind, fall inside
Find yourself and come back to life
Go beyond where dreams can take you
Look far both toward east and [+]

PSU The other side
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Darkness blossoms into radiant light. Emptiness transforms into a warm fullness. I breathe, knowing intuitively that I am alive, yet WHO AM I? White angels surround me, their lips moving in an [+]

PSU Lost and found

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