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I clutch tightly around the handle of my umbrella, relishing in my own dryness as I make my way down the city street. I am heading home from a day of sending out applications while slowly sipping [+]

Winner - Community
PSU April Showers
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If weather were backwards
And strayed from the norm
More likely than not
It'd take a new form.
The sun would be wet
And rain would be dry
The highs would be low
And lows would be [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU April Showers
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It’s raining, which means he’s here.
His visits are sporadic as they are attempts to escape the rain.
I can’t deny him or turn him away, in fact I can’t move.
He enters while [+]

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A Test of Chivalry

Matthew Rhudy, ago

I always struggled with the thought of myself as a knight. Yet here I stood, facing my first true test of chivalry. The monsters descended upon the maiden, who cried out in distress. I pictured [+]

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Our Seasons

Matthew Bodek, ago

I’m continually amazed at the wonders of nature and in this part of the world the passing of the seasons is astounding.  The temperature, the amount of daylight, and the types of precipitation [+]

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Fall Colors

Mojdeh Keykhah, ago

Sharp edge on red
Fly from a Japanese maple
Two jagged entries in the swirling pond of [+]