0 vote   25 readings 1 min
I am accustomed to flying through the sky.
Feeling my fingers fall through the air as I release my grasp on the wooden bar anchoring my dangling body above the earth.
I soak in the audience’s [+]

1 vote   10 readings 1 min
Muzzled clowns parade towards
The shadowy circus tent
While just yards away
The sweet spring light
Beats down on my skin
The ground swirls like a whirlpool
Pulling me towards the [+]

16 votes   85 readings 1 min
Every day the sun descends
The fireflies begin to blink
That's when we know
It’s time to get ready
All of my Dad’s workers adorn their costumes
Flashes of crimson, swaths of gold [+]

Winner - Community
PSU A Night at the Circus
0 vote   7 readings 1 min
“Be careful going out,” we tell each of our daughters. “The freak show is in town.”
The snake charmers will think you one of their beasts.
The strongmen will toss and rip you [+]

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He was the star of the show, making magic out of molecules
He always emphasized in was science, talked about the reasons for the reactions
But to me and my brother, it was always magic [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
0 vote   27 readings 1 min

Spring Time in Our Land

Rita Mazziol Marshall, ago

The long cold winter is finally over
As Spring peaks its head through the horizon
Daffodils, Tulips, Forsythia blanket the cover
As the earth becomes warm & unfrozen
All around us [+]

4 votes   81 readings 1 min

Give Me Relief

Isatou Singhateh, ago

The vigorous sound of nature stole my heart,
As I strolled quietly through the woods,
A fox as cunning as they come,
Looked at me with dread then roamed off without prompting,
The [+]

0 vote   16 readings 1 min

The Wind

Grace Hegarty, ago

It blows through your hair,
Without a care.
It rattles your house,
And it ruffles your
It moves the trees,
With great ease.
You can’t see it,
But it’s there.
The wind.

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The Glory of Trees

Vivian Sutton, ago

The trees are losing their many leaves,
Likened to wearing a dress without sleeves.
The branches are started to lower their arms;
They are losing a bit of their everyday charm.
Soon [+]

4 votes   70 readings 1 min


Keira Wilkerson, ago

I stand alone in this park
But life wasn’t always like this
As a young tree I was surrounded by a
forest of trees, Most of them older and wiser
than I
I watched as wild animals [+]