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There is a river in my perfect worldA beautiful, winding riverHidden away behind miles of branches and treesGranting harmony to those lucky to find itDuring the day, she lies waiting [+]

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My grief is a grove of quaking aspen.As far as the eye can seeMillions of bonesJutting up to the skyWith branches casting outwardTo snag and snare and brush.One giant organismA million [+]

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I'm hesitant to verbalize what floats in my mind as the way leaves constantly swing back and forth as they come down from the trees on an autumn evening. I cannot breathe at the sight of your lack of [+]

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ON WINTER, FORESTS, AND FLEASAfter "Complete Destruction" by William Carlos Williamsthe snow-capped trees heard it;that night the wind wasspeaking, shrieking in aneerie and terribly [+]

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We think that we will never see into the wood, inside a tree.But then we look and find inside a world of life that does not hide.Each tree's a plant, each plant a stalk, a trunk with limbs that [+]

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Sometimes the woods are beautiful.When finches perch in the silent canopy.When red-orange leaves flutter down around me.When the ice coats the branches sparkles with filtered light.When it [+]

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The schoolmaster stayed too late tonight;The crescent moon has taken flight.He walks ahead with cloak clutched tight,Though home is far and out of sight.Amidst the trees he does not [+]

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I walked into the woods once on a chilled October day. Wandered through the fallen leaves, crooked branches, mumbling stream, up over hills of rocks and roots and found a clearing there [+]

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This unbearable fog makes home onto the lens of my glasses and I can feel my perspiration dripping down my chest. Oh god, I really hope that's my sweat and not the spindly fingers of an unknown [+]

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Into the valley we go,Short of breathAnd weary-eyed,Into the woods unknown,Heads are spinning,Hearts are reeling,As we journey,Into the woods alone,Darkness aheadAnd [+]

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What a blunderYour biggest mistake.The simple thought of escapePlaced you in a prison without barsAnd without a forgiving atmosphere.Whispers and murmursCrunching and creaking [+]

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Between gnarled branchesAnd decaying leavesWhere rustlesAnd the occasional odd hootCreate a song of paranoia,And between the startWhere trepidation risesAnd the endWhich is [+]