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Reflections on a Camping Trip in Maine

Betsy Motten, ago

We discovered the wilderness,
and with it, the pleasures of our senses.
Sun rays shared warmth with delicate fingers,
touching us gently
as we stretched lazily upon rocks and sand [+]

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The Walk

Leslie Bullitt, ago

She can’t remember how old she was when she began the walk with her parents, but it was always the same walk. They would head to the local wooded park, not far from their home. The walk consisted [+]

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365 Days

Ali Placido, ago

In the outdoors we learn the rhythm of nature.
The new-born spring, flowers breeching the damp soil,
heaving themselves from the earth to claw through the underbrush of last years leaves [+]

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Flowery Redacted

Jessica Gian, ago

Here I shall stand,
Underneath the blooming Wisteria.
Roots run deep through the Earth
As the pendulous racemes scatter their lavender petals.
On the Eve of the Spring Equinox [+]

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Tell the Bees She’s Gone

Nicole Trezza, ago

Little bees little bees the Mistress is dead
Please do not leave us in this time of distress
With black drapes on your hive and a knock on your door
Will you stay with us for one season [+]

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The Great Respite

Joanne Landau, ago

Stuck inside, fearing what’s out there
Don’t touch, don’t breathe, don’t cough, don’t sneeze
Six feet apart from you
A path ahead
Walking among the trees I [+]

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Ode to the Changing Seasons

Bette Alburger, ago

“Stick ‘em up, trees!” the North Wind said;
Then shook down all their gold and fled!
And there they stand with limbs raised high,
Robbed by the bandit of the autumn sky. [+]

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A New Day

Donna Gonzalez Fiedler, ago

Morning sunlight streams through the standard bearers of time,

Illuminating a new day with shadows of the past —

Frozen yet melting, like the newly fallen snow.

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A Day in the Life of a Plant

Rachel Gornstein, ago

I wake up and the sky is a beautiful blue
The sun shines over me but I don't have a clue What this feeling of warmth and happiness is But I like it, and I like what it gives.
My [+]

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An Eternal Journey

Naishu Vytia, ago

She is beautiful. A fragment of the earth shining from glimmering rays of sunlight. A crystal flowing through time, crusading along the rapids. Her home. A serene cove, surrounded with the foliage of [+]

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A Family of Mushrooms

Jamie Cooperstein, ago

Living amongst a world of endless concrete in Center City I didn’t expect to find a wild mushroom colony on the walk home from preschool. Over the summer, my 3.5 year old daughter and I discovered [+]

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For Trees in Winter

Catherine Pilling, ago

I like trees best
In the wintertime.
When the stark cold
Rids them of their leaves,
Rendering them bare,
Naked to the world.
When the branches and [+]