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My pursuer was relentless. Slowly, realization had dawned on me that I could not escape him. One mile had become five, then ten. With grim determination, I set out to delay the inevitable as long as [+]

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Jumping at shadows from flickering streetlights
I make my way home on the blood moon night
As the bats swoop down low, I cover my face
Then trip and fall over the manhole plate
Down I [+]

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As you know, I taught 8th grade history at the prestigious boarding school, Spirit Academy. Which doesn’t have many spirits. I spent most of my free time either in class, or in the teacher’s [+]

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“Chafing is the Devil’s work.”
That’s what Mama used to say, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Stumpwell Cardaflume believed her. Stumpy, as he was called ‘round the watering [+]

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Les Springer couldn’t get to sleep that night. The noise was overwhelming, more than it had ever been before. He was worn out after another long day [+]

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Alyssa's Drawing Pad

Matthew Rhudy, ago

“Don’t stay up too late!” Alyssa’s mother called out as her footsteps faded down the hallway. Alyssa barely acknowledged her mother’s request. She sat quietly at her desk, concentrating on [+]

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Heart of the Phoenix

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The wind whistled through the trees as Serena trudged through the deep snow, one painful step at a time. The cold had already numbed her toes, and now it was biting at her ankles through her boots [+]