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Alyssa's Drawing Pad

Matthew Rhudy, ago

“Don’t stay up too late!” Alyssa’s mother called out as her footsteps faded down the hallway. Alyssa barely acknowledged her mother’s request. She sat quietly at her desk, concentrating on [+]

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Heart of the Phoenix

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The wind whistled through the trees as Serena trudged through the deep snow, one painful step at a time. The cold had already numbed her toes, and now it was biting at her ankles through her boots [+]

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Originating Dragons

Anonymous, ago

Dragon lore...tells that Earth and the planets were formed from the vomit of the celestial Draco, whose fiery breath then lit the stars and blew all things into their whirling paths.
Hazard [+]

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Being Created is Painful

Matthew Yoder, ago

Being created is painful. As I lay there, thinking my very first thoughts, trying to see through the red haze that was my vision, I felt rough hands grab me and set me into a square room, with thin [+]

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The King's Shadow

Connor Burkhart, ago

There was a death, a fortnight ago. A noble with an army of paid mercenaries at his back, all gone in one night. Yet, no one heard the clashing of blades or the cries of combat. Some say it was a [+]

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It Started with Thunder

Steph Prizhitomsky, ago

It started with the thunder. The low grumble, as if from a ferocious animal, crept up on the castle, slowly and softly until it erupted with such vigor that it shook the teacups on their china [+]

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Jaemi Hammond, ago

Hiking over the leftover rubble from the calming storm was tiring, and as disastrous as the storm that had finished its tirade about three hours ago. Grunts and moans from the heat and hunge [+]