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It’s 3 am. My son is up for the second time for a bottle and diaper change. I’m exhausted, but it’s my night. My husband lies next to me, snoring obliviously. Tomorrow will be his night.
I [+]

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The Garden of the Earth

Aidan Hearn, ago

The gates were opened so many years ago
To the Garden of the Earth.
The lock was broken and the gates flew open
The sun walked into the garden for the first time.
He drew a square [+]

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The Rabbit

Ajay Ganesh, ago

It was a normal day and I was running around as happy as can be. But then they came out of nowhere, huge metal things that seemed like birds but were bigger than the largest eagles I had ever seen [+]

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In the Midst of it all

Kimora Reddick, ago

It's oddly unfamiliar and kind of hard to explain, how do I put this? I woke up and I was in a new environment. Mom always told me that the future would hold something exceptional, but sometimes I [+]

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Epiphany in the Woods

Gwendolyn Beebe, ago

I set out that day, to explore the area around my grandmother’s house, more as a way to avoid her obvious disdain for me than anything else. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I found myself living [+]

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Quarantine Musings

Adrienne Showalter, ago

For as long as I remember, in the middle of winter I would always dream of the beach and the ocean. Always in that vision, the sky was a brilliant blue, a cerulean blue. The clouds were there [+]

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Solace in Seedlings

Christine Brown, ago

How to make sense of this?
How to find solace in my fear?
The answer came unexpectedly in the early days of lockdown. A thought emerged and kept persisting, “grow a garden,” it [+]

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Sunset in the Meadow

Kathy D. Hrenko, ago

The sun was sliding lower in the sky as sunset approached. Glorious when the wind moved the clouds away, casting brilliance upon the sunflowers and goldenrod. Sunglow, my favorite color in the [+]

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My pursuer was relentless. Slowly, realization had dawned on me that I could not escape him. One mile had become five, then ten. With grim determination, I set out to delay the inevitable as long as [+]

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Jesse stood in the middle of the rotting cattle he'd been missing.
"3 days" he said, spitting at the ground and drawing his revolver. He had foregone setting camp and tracked into waning hours [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU The Witching Hour
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Jumping at shadows from flickering streetlights
I make my way home on the blood moon night
As the bats swoop down low, I cover my face
Then trip and fall over the manhole plate
Down I [+]