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"This is nuts," Haden said, slouching onto the bed, "What exactly was the assignment again?" "Interview someone you believe has suffered an injustice." Haden snorted, "and this is who you came up [+]

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It was the right call, he was sure of it. He had to be.
He sat in the captain's chair of the Event Horizon cruiser, much appreciating the irony of being torn apart by a black hole. As the [+]

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It seemed endless, climbing towards the star-lit sky. Hundreds of thousands of them, crumbling, covered in moss. Erosion rounded the stone, made it softer. Rainwater pooled in the carved-out spaces [+]

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View From a Window

Catherine Pilling, ago

It began as a whisper. Utterances here and there about something brewing but I didn't pay it much mind. Then it reached the Pacific Northwest—closer to home but still far enough away that I felt [+]

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The New Species in the Yard - Me

Pam Mitchell, ago

Who could imagine what might happen if your larger world were taken away, and you were left in a small, everyday space for a while. Lonely? Boring? Maybe not.
Years ago, I started a nature [+]

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Arden Kass, ago

Psalm 92:12 "The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon"
I am here to comfort the dying.
So I tell myself while setting out my picnic
on a [+]