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I’d come to Alaska to get away from all the headaches that come from living in a big city – the noise, the chaos, and the toxic pollution that humans inevitably leave in their wake. To return to [+]

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PSU April Showers
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“Uh,” said March as he, November, January, and July all crowded around their living room window to stare up at the sky. “That looks like a problem.”
“April!” called November. His [+]

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PSU April Showers
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The rain was harsh that morning. Our house was dark inside despite the dimmed brightness coming from the windows. As I prepared my breakfast, I couldn’t get my eyes away from the photo of me [+]

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The Depoes make do with three rooms, arranged rectilinearly. Their cabin is small, but, with every wall and floorboard draped in the warm shades and deep scrawls of wood-grain, who would be so [+]

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PSU April Showers
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“You know I never really held any animosity toward the rain. A lot of people complain about it, but it’s all part of the cycle of life. You know what I mean?” The khaki raincoat was marked by [+]

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PSU April Showers
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Matthew Yoder, ago

Pick struggled to lift himself off the ground, the most recent blow stinging like a sunspot on the side of his face. As he got his arms under him and lifted himself to his knees, a booted foot came [+]

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Mentioning of Time

Jaxon Dierker, ago

Year 15,286
And I stood there, peering out beyond to a land not seen by any but myself, crossing between what was fiction and what was reality, my memories. My life flashed before me, and a [+]

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Princess Penelope and the Terrible Dragon

Tessa Eberlein, ago

Penelope doodled in her sketchbook by the light of her bedside table lamp. It was a Saturday evening, and she’d rather be spending the time with her friends, but she was currently on house arrest [+]

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Stephen Pepper, ago

The night was cold, calm and stars that glistened over the kingdom were being admired by a girl sitting by a windowsill. “Dinner is ready little one.” called an old man cooking over a fire that [+]

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The Old Knight's Last Stand

Matthew Rhudy, ago

The old knight awoke with a ringing in his ears and a burning in his throat. As he opened his eyes, they were flooded with bright blue lights through a haze of smoke. Still in a daze, he groped [+]