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I squinted into the gloom ahead, trying to determine whether the dragon in my path was sleeping or looking back at me. Best not to wake a sleeping dragon, after all."Careful. These trees will [+]

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The princess had lost her shoes and now every step came with a soft squelch and the unfamiliar feeling of mud welling up between her toes. She was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat one of the [+]

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Another day of work, another day of nothing. He tunes out the world as he drives back to his so-called home, more like a cage to him than even his office. But once he settles down, he realizes he [+]

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Smoke rose from the fire and curled into the starry sky as the town's youth gallivanted on the outskirts of the forest. The flame swayed along with the dancers that circled it, and the crackles kept [+]

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The Autumn breeze outside had captured my complete attention and steered me away from my responsibilities. The Fall smell consumed me. Its earthy fragrance reminded me of burning wood and pumpkin [+]

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I used to wonder why anyone would walk through the Disappearing Woods. What would happen to you was right there in the name. Yet, no amount of "DANGER" or "KEEP OUT" signs seemed to stop people from [+]

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Dani liked to hike. She especially liked to hike in weather that deterred other hikers. She sought out the wind, rain, and snow with the same vigor softer people did sixty-five degrees and sunny. So [+]

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She walked and walked as her feet gathered more and more dust, her flip flops worn out, back feet cracked, and cackle brown. She had no destination in mind, but as she became more and more surrounded [+]

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We were sitting in the back of my brother Mac’s pick-up. He had a camper top, so in a circus way, it was homey. You couldn’t stand all the way up, but there were two lawn chairs and he’d built [+]

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Time stops for no one, but memories live on.He brushes his hand over the dusty iron bars of the gate, palm coming back ashy and dark. The smell of damp shifts through the air, filling his nose [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus