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When I first ventured into this world, I was greeted with copious amounts of love. The vessel which brought me into this realm, my ‘mother,' cried tears of joy when I arrived, grateful to finally [+]

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"Unfortunately not."
"I don't think so."
"You don't believe in soulmates? But it's so romantic!"
Lady Sienna looked [+]

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Swerving, screeching, screaming
A crash and burst of pain
Darkness absolute and total silence reign
Jolted into consciousness, heart racing in fear
Surroundings slowly settling and then [+]

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Gasping for air, Lily kept swimming to a large rock sitting in the middle of the Makena Point waters. Her arms burned with exhaustion, but with the Great White following close behind her, she kept on [+]

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Long ago, in the age of heroes and warriors, conquests and campaigns, there was Destiny. She sat in the heavens and smiled at mankind. Before Time developed consciousness and before Love had a name [+]

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Doors were shut, windows sealed, not even the wind dared to howl. The village seemed abandoned, save one lonely hut, snuggled into the crook between the main path and the forest trail. Emitting from [+]

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He twitches his ring finger, watching the string connected to it jostle, the vibrations running down its length before quickly dispersing. He twitches it again, giving it a little tug this time like a [+]

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(Inspired by the 2018 video game by Quantic Dream "Detroit: Become Human")
It all began with storytelling.
You were a supercomputer called rA9, designed to predict and shape the future. You [+]

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Is this what they call déjà vu? she thought faintly, as she watched her nurse scurry around and chatter nonsense. She gazed through her balcony door and at the luminous moon. It was as if it was [+]