A Story a Day...

The first-ever Short Story Dispenser was created by Short Édition, a French company and independent publisher of short literature. At the push of a button a 1, 3, or 5-minute story or poem from writers across the world is printed on papyrus paper.

In May 2017, Penn State University Libraries entered into an innovative agreement with Short Édition to bring its first short story dispensers to any university worldwide. Our vision for these dispensers is to deliver original Penn State student, faculty and staff, and community writing into the hands of the public and encourage dialogue between readers and authors.



Currently, the Penn State Libraries has a network of 10 dispensers – four located on and around the University Park campus, and six located at our Commonwealth campuses. For more information on our various partnerships with our dispensers, please visit our Partnerships page.

Together let's make the world a more poetic place by encouraging reading and writing, while showcasing Penn State authors internationally.

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