Editorial Board

The Short Edition Editorial Board, led by the Student Engagement Coordinator, is charged with gathering, reading, evaluating, and deciding upon short stories to be added to either our Short Edition website or our Short Story dispensers.


The Board is also responsible for updating documentation, rubrics, and workflow processes created by the previous board members, in order to ensure the work reflects the current situation of this project. Finally, the Editorial Board will be a sounding board for the Libraries in helping to develop programming around our writing contests each semester and partnering with relevant student groups and clubs to help solicit content.


Any undergraduate student, from any campus, is eligible to be a part of the Editorial Board. An ideal Editorial Board size is 5-10 students. Leadership roles are available for students seeking a more in-depth experience with this project. Editorial Board members should be motivated and independent students looking for editorial experiences.


The Board meets twice a semester, through Zoom. These meetings are to check-in, decide contest winners, and plan for future writing contests. During the semester writing contest (lasting one month), students will spend up to five hours a week reading and vetting submissions.


Questions about this group can be sent to Danica White, Student Engagement Coordinator, dew5422@psu.edu