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Keira Wilkerson, ago

Dirt-covered soles, barely any traction
Nobody acknowledges their shoes, but your shoes are so important Your shoes take you everywhere
They feel what you feel
See what you see
They [+]

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Sharon Schaefer, ago


Lovingly The Rose of Sharon
Sharon Bee

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A Warm Hug

Julia Santangelo, ago

The sun is so warm
The clouds welcome the light in
A hug for your skin

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Nature Comforts

Helen Pitts, ago

On a golden gift of an October day, there is sadness near the oak tree. Family gaze, pray and weep for someone so deeply loved. Prayers comfort and loving hearts hold memories as well as each othe [+]

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View From a Window

Catherine Pilling, ago

It began as a whisper. Utterances here and there about something brewing but I didn't pay it much mind. Then it reached the Pacific Northwest—closer to home but still far enough away that I felt [+]

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Among the Snowy Pines

Alison Murphy, ago

Among the snowy pines,
It's completely silent, not a sound. I breathe in the frosty air
While snow falls gently to the ground.
A robin flies overhead and disappears In the fog over the [+]

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The New Species in the Yard - Me

Pam Mitchell, ago

Who could imagine what might happen if your larger world were taken away, and you were left in a small, everyday space for a while. Lonely? Boring? Maybe not.
Years ago, I started a nature [+]

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The Plover


Piping Plovers are very cute. They got their name by their "peep-lo!" call. Piping Plovers will sometimes extend one foot into wet sand and vibrate it to get food. Piping Plovers are endangered. Thei [+]

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Gardens growing

William fries, ago

Sway with all gentleness
dreamers of love
great or small
you are seduced by all things
deciduous or in gardens growing