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“Be careful going out,” we tell each of our daughters. “The freak show is in town.”
The snake charmers will think you one of their beasts.
The strongmen will toss and rip you [+]

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He was the star of the show, making magic out of molecules
He always emphasized in was science, talked about the reasons for the reactions
But to me and my brother, it was always magic [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
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It’s 3 am. My son is up for the second time for a bottle and diaper change. I’m exhausted, but it’s my night. My husband lies next to me, snoring obliviously. Tomorrow will be his night.
I [+]

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As Mark, the most average of the Average Dudes, stepped out of the coffeeshop and into the watery spring sunlight, the world vanished around him.
In the dark, a crowd roared and the smell of sulfu [+]

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“So, is friday a date then?”
Come one come all, see the wonder and fright that lies within this tent
‘Yeah, i think it is’
I duck through the makeshift door
I am shocked by the sights [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
4 votes   60 readings 1 min
Trauma, upheaved from soil
packed airtight above a grave,
an inescapable puppeteer looms
overhead, pulling at my strings.
Suddenly a child, new to life, I
am made to forget you’re [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
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As you stand on your stage, eating applause
with an eager smile, I wonder why I
allow myself to be so easily fooled by you,
a magician so obviously dressed in lies.
You keep me at you [+]

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We frolicked all summer in the long days’ sunlight
The rays shining on his glowing skin
Golden hair dancing
Surrounding his face
I felt drawn to his strength
It pulled me away from my [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus