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We were sitting in the back of my brother Mac’s pick-up. He had a camper top, so in a circus way, it was homey. You couldn’t stand all the way up, but there were two lawn chairs and he’d built [+]

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I am accustomed to flying through the sky.
Feeling my fingers fall through the air as I release my grasp on the wooden bar anchoring my dangling body above the earth.
I soak in the audience’s [+]

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Time stops for no one, but memories live on.
He brushes his hand over the dusty iron bars of the gate, palm coming back ashy and dark. The smell of damp shifts through the air, filling his nose [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
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The stars were mere pinpricks of silver light dotting the dark canvas of the night sky. These ancient sentinels stood steadfast in their guard over the sleeping Earth, seeing all but rarely [+]

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Muzzled clowns parade towards
The shadowy circus tent
While just yards away
The sweet spring light
Beats down on my skin
The ground swirls like a whirlpool
Pulling me towards the [+]

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Ages Six and Seven. He first spots her behind a tent, all soft sniffles with tears on her ripped stocking. Wandering closer, he finds her knee is bloodied and bruised; it matches the dark circles [+]

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PSU A Night at the Circus
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“Glad you can finally see my office,” said professor Smith, opening the door for his brother. He led Maxwell into the open space, and then scampered across the floor to open the window [+]

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Averell Saint-Delaire does not often think back on childhood fondly. His memories up until the age of 12 can only be described as lonely. As the child of the town’s most prestigious family, he spent [+]

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PSU A Night at the Circus
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Every day the sun descends
The fireflies begin to blink
That's when we know
It’s time to get ready
All of my Dad’s workers adorn their costumes
Flashes of crimson, swaths of gold [+]

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PSU A Night at the Circus
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Twin Flames

Ashton Zillhardt, ago

No matter which direction Margo turned, she found fractured and distorted pieces of herself. When her eyes darted to the left, she caught a glimpse of strawberry blonde curls held in place by he [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus