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Thursday, October 12, the most underrated, terrifying day of the year.The 13 always gets the big hype,But the anticipation, the build up, the fear of the scary things tomorrow,That's all [+]

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There is a river in my perfect worldA beautiful, winding riverHidden away behind miles of branches and treesGranting harmony to those lucky to find itDuring the day, she lies waiting [+]

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I squinted into the gloom ahead, trying to determine whether the dragon in my path was sleeping or looking back at me. Best not to wake a sleeping dragon, after all."Careful. These trees will [+]

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The princess had lost her shoes and now every step came with a soft squelch and the unfamiliar feeling of mud welling up between her toes. She was hungry, but not hungry enough to eat one of the [+]

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My grief is a grove of quaking aspen.As far as the eye can seeMillions of bonesJutting up to the skyWith branches casting outwardTo snag and snare and brush.One giant organismA million [+]

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"Hold on, my shoes came untied." Dave stoops down, fiddling with his sneakers."No rush; we've got all day to catch up. Cole took the little monsters to the pool.""Good way to keep them [+]

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Another day of work, another day of nothing. He tunes out the world as he drives back to his so-called home, more like a cage to him than even his office. But once he settles down, he realizes he [+]

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Alone in the deepest, darkest parts of the woods in Hoshinawa, Japan, a young child named Hikari was without a home or family of her own. Everyone saw her as a monster because of her vibrant red hai [+]

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I'm hesitant to verbalize what floats in my mind as the way leaves constantly swing back and forth as they come down from the trees on an autumn evening. I cannot breathe at the sight of your lack of [+]

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Smoke rose from the fire and curled into the starry sky as the town's youth gallivanted on the outskirts of the forest. The flame swayed along with the dancers that circled it, and the crackles kept [+]

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ON WINTER, FORESTS, AND FLEASAfter "Complete Destruction" by William Carlos Williamsthe snow-capped trees heard it;that night the wind wasspeaking, shrieking in aneerie and terribly [+]

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We think that we will never see into the wood, inside a tree.But then we look and find inside a world of life that does not hide.Each tree's a plant, each plant a stalk, a trunk with limbs that [+]