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I didn't know his name, or anything about him, except that he walked past me every morning through Hort Woods and up the path to north campus with a green messenger bag. I might know, if I eve [+]

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In Oregon you will hear of many strange things
Like spirits, monsters, and fantastical beings
Living in forests, seeking out prey
And, while many are myths, one still lives to this day
An [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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Through the woods, she carefully wandered gathering nuts and berries to feed her decrepit famished stomach. The berries glided from the bumps on her hands to the onyx basket which laid between he [+]

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It's raining, but not water—red mist drips from the sky, speckling my face. They collect and drip down my chin, leaving a trail of ruby dots in the pinkening snow.
It's not like the snow was [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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Red, yellow, and brown:
A crisp breeze ruffles the leaves
Falling one by one.
An osprey perches
On a pine by the lakeside.
And then it flies south.
The full moon rises
Over the [+]

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A slow, rolling breeze blew through the trees in the forest behind the farmhouse, and the leaves began to rustle under the sinking sun. Michael shivered, and turned his collar up against the wind. The [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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It was a warm summer day. Tai was laying in the wide-open field by his house, watching the fluffy clouds roll by. He had messed up his chores again, causing his parents to start fighting and for him [+]

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We slowly headed down a Louisiana bayou in Terrebonne Parish – a small group of scientists and writers sitting comfortably on a boat 26 feet in length named Dos Gris. We came from locations across [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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If you asked me what I would be doing on Halloween night, I never would have thought the answer would be "Oh, nothing much. Just setting Timberly's husband's body on fire in the woods."
(Sorry [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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The fire blazes candy-apple red and sunlight yellow, igniting their eyes as they sit just close enough to the flame for it to tighten their skin, wrapping them in heat. The burning wood and few licks [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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Golden Aspen leaves strewed the tiled kitchen floor. She had entered the woods, or rather the woods had entered her kitchen. Walls fell away, and the slender trunks rose above Soph's head. Quaking [+]