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It was the right call, he was sure of it. He had to be.
He sat in the captain's chair of the Event Horizon cruiser, much appreciating the irony of being torn apart by a black hole. As the [+]

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I cannot see
the path laid out by the stars.
It is far too blurry,
and vague.
And I want to piece the stardust together,
to fathom my purpose,
and blow life into my deeds.
But I am [+]

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Fate is a fallacy
Feeble and frail
A bedtime story
Fending off nightmares of uncertainty
Fate is the flow of a fallen star
Feral and wild
Ferocious as it burns an inescapable path [+]

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This path is here for you to travel
No matter what route, you'll make mistakes
You need to see your future unravel
But what steps are you willing to take?
It is not a straight line
Not [+]

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(Inspired by the 2018 video game by Quantic Dream "Detroit: Become Human")
It all began with storytelling.
You were a supercomputer called rA9, designed to predict and shape the future. You [+]

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There once was fate.
Polymitaria the immortal arachnid of the cosmos wove a mighty web. Each strand was intertwined and inseparable from the rest. The very fiber of time itself maintained and [+]

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As you fade away from the city
The stars begin to come out
No more noise and lights,
They feel enough to reveal themselves to those who look.
So many constellations.
So many random dots [+]

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An obliteration of self
Happens in an ocean of choice,
And a universe of circumstance.
An obliteration of self
Comes from the realization
You can choose to turn left down the corridor of [+]

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Is this what they call déjà vu? she thought faintly, as she watched her nurse scurry around and chatter nonsense. She gazed through her balcony door and at the luminous moon. It was as if it was [+]

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The stun of discovery fades,
as she gently lifts the colding body,
all a-crooked
and holds him close.
This boy she knew so well,
so full of himself once, mother's boy
now the ebb of [+]