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After "Complete Destruction" by William Carlos Williams
the snow-capped trees heard it;
that night the wind was
speaking, shrieking in an
eerie and terribly [+]

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We think that we will never see into the wood, inside a tree.
But then we look and find inside a world of life that does not hide.
Each tree's a plant, each plant a stalk, a trunk with limbs that [+]

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The Autumn breeze outside had captured my complete attention and steered me away from my responsibilities. The Fall smell consumed me. Its earthy fragrance reminded me of burning wood and pumpkin [+]

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Sometimes the woods are beautiful.
When finches perch in the silent canopy.
When red-orange leaves flutter down around me.
When the ice coats the branches sparkles with filtered light.
When it [+]

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The schoolmaster stayed too late tonight;
The crescent moon has taken flight.
He walks ahead with cloak clutched tight,
Though home is far and out of sight.
Amidst the trees he does not [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU Through the Woods
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I walked into the woods once on a chilled October day.
Wandered through the fallen leaves,
crooked branches,
mumbling stream,
up over hills of rocks and roots and found a clearing there [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU Through the Woods
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I used to wonder why anyone would walk through the Disappearing Woods. What would happen to you was right there in the name. Yet, no amount of "DANGER" or "KEEP OUT" signs seemed to stop people from [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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Note to the Reader: This is best read in a woodland (or a least near a tree).
They say there's magic in the woods. Who are "they"? No one remembers anymore. They faded into anonymity long ago [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU Through the Woods
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Dani liked to hike. She especially liked to hike in weather that deterred other hikers. She sought out the wind, rain, and snow with the same vigor softer people did sixty-five degrees and sunny. So [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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This unbearable fog makes home onto the lens of my glasses and I can feel my perspiration dripping down my chest. Oh god, I really hope that's my sweat and not the spindly fingers of an unknown [+]

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Through the grim, grim woods
Two panicked children ran, tripping over thistle and weeds
They ignored the stretching branches, crooning in their ear
With sober, frightened faces they ran with [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU Through the Woods