A Cold Summer Day in Maine

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A dense maple aired forest near a jagged cold beach, an unlikely mixture,
Water spilling onto the shore, flattening the sand, dragging itself back out
Children play on the pier, parents gaze, giving orders for a picture
Brown hopping against green (deer that is) running rapidly from the crowd.

Water is shivering, freezing almost, masses continue to splash
Trucks carrying goods pass a sleeping foxes den, nature avoids man's neglect
Waves dying, many begin to exit, birds catch sight of crisp fries to snatch
Dusk settles, a gray fox exits its den, sunlight and darkness intersect.

Night is underway, a nearby festivals lights, red and blue, pierce a star
Parents set them free, children push towards the front, eager for screams
The gray fox wonders why lights spin in a circle, blinking from afar
All summer this repeats, working over and over like machines.

A cold summer in Maine, both day and night, unlike any other
Though it’s cold, both forest and beach meet in summer.


Image of April Showers


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