A Grimm Offering

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Through the woods, she carefully wandered gathering nuts and berries to feed her decrepit famished stomach. The berries glided from the bumps on her hands to the onyx basket which laid between her feeble arm and ribcage. A robust frown drew upon her face. Glaring into the distance beyond a pile of fallen leaves, stood a herd of deer eating a patch of mushrooms. This was her main source of protein which fueled her for the desolate winter to come.
"Be gone!" she shrieked, knowing it was too late. The damage had been done. None of the mushrooms from which she had patiently waited to forge remained. How was she going to survive? This grueling question consumed her thoughts as she continued through the forest.
In the hundreds of years that she had dueled this Earth, she noticed a stark decrease in the fungi present in the forest. Years of drought slowly eliminated the mushroom population which was once plentiful. She had known that this day would come but chose to live in ignorance of the shortcoming.
As she walked across miles of leaves, each carefully crushing under her feet, she looked frantically for any sign of fungi. Her hope dwindled as the once plentiful forest no longer provided her with the nutrients that she needed.
Back at her cottage, she whimpered in fear of what starvation the winter could bring. She was old and couldn't afford to spend the winter months wasting away into oblivion. So, she begged. She begged her ancestors that the winter would not be met with famine.
Desperately, she wished that they would provide her with another source of food, one that would keep her alive come spring. She would do anything to protect her longevity. For as long as she was able to feed her body, she remained alive.
Through the woods, she noticed a little boy and girl approaching the cottage. What she didn't notice was the regrowth of mushrooms sprouting spontaneously from her yard. The brother and sister innocently knocked on her door. "Thank you" she whispered as she preheated the oven.


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