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In Oregon you will hear of many strange things
Like spirits, monsters, and fantastical beings
Living in forests, seeking out prey
And, while many are myths, one still lives to this day

An entity older than the steadfast trees
A giant larger than any other living thing
This creature curses the woods that dare
To grow on its land and spread roots in its lair

Beneath the surface of the forest it hides
Its long black tendrils grasping any roots it can find
And sneaking up under the bark of the tree
It steals its nutrients and leaves a rotting disease

And so the trespassing forest gives it eternal life
By paying rent with a fatal sacrifice
And the curse cannot be broken once in its grasp
It only grows more with each slow death

But do not fear, for visitors are safe
And this creature even likes to decorate
Adorning the woods with honey-colored domes
An edible gift for people to take home

So if you visit the Blue Mountains keep in mind
The woods through which you pass are destined to die
For it is through Armillaria that this forest grows
And Armillaria does not tolerate settlers in its home


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