Boo hoo Halloween Heartbreak

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Halloween, the season of fears,
the season of ghost, and ghoul, and goblin.
But the only thing I can think of are tears
that can not stop flowin’.
And the tears weren’t from fears or haunting;
however, from a man that broke my heart and keeps on taunting.
You see, Halloween is my favorite season
nothing can compare.
But after getting my heart stepped on
it’s just too much to bear.
I’ve become a real witch,
cursing him out.
I’ll never let him see me cry,
Only ever pout.
My friends tell me to get over it,
“It’s stupid to dwell upon.”
But is hard not to when I feel this pit,
and I just can’t move on.
This man has put a spell on me
to curse me to misery.
But soon I will find the key,
to make me happy is simply Halloween!


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