Dodging Death

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Ava Leone

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I am accustomed to flying through the sky.
Feeling my fingers fall through the air as I release my grasp on the wooden bar anchoring my dangling body above the earth.
I soak in the audience’s sharp intake of breath as they watch me plummet towards the ground. Letting loose a smile,
I swifty dodge death,
by arching my body into a crescent moon,
thrusting myself forward until I skillfully seize the trapeze,
my lifeline,
tossed towards my tumbling torso,
and spin until I am standing on the slim,
barrier between my feet and my inevitable demise,
while I wait for the thundering applause,
Drinking in the deafening
crowd’s roar,
enveloping my soul in every,
under the titanic tent,
I can’t help but think to myself,
how defying gravity,
day in and day out,
to hear their praise,
their cheers,
their admiration,
makes it all worth it.
Once I descend from my stage on top of the world,
I will return to my room,
my own room,
for the “star attraction,”
and lay on my bed,
rocking over the rumbling tracks,
playing back the show,
again and again,
in my head,
holding my breath until I can defy gravity,
once more.


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