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In the stars.
That's where you are.
Not too close,
yet not so far.
If only we could have held on to you.
If only your fate we knew.

Was this predetermined,
before our paths ever crossed?
To have a love just beginning to bloom
be forever lost?
Gone before we knew what we had.
Gone before we knew you were going to be a dad.

A love and journey we had merely begun
perpetually suspended in time
the second your heartbeat
ceased to fall and climb.
Stopped for all eternity.
Stopped for all, in absurdity.

That natural, steady-beating, beautiful cadence
brought to an abrupt halt
all because a drunken driver
was at reckless fault.
Not giving a damn about himself.
Not giving a damn itself.

I can't imagine such a macabre ending
as being predestined; fated.
Had we known this intended plan
could we have intervened, the event entirely negated?
Changed our plans for that whole entire day?
Changed our plans to our desired way?

These questions will remain unanswered
as there is just no way of tellin'
whether or not our fates
are within our control or befallen.
Written in the stars above
or written in the confines of love.

Wouldn't that have been so grand?
To be able to see
that dreadful day beforehand?
To have spent that day together.
To have spend our lives in our own endeavor.

For you to not have
gotten into that car.
To not have someone else's
carelessness at a bar
take you away from everyone,
take you away from your mother, sister, me, our son.

But alas, fate has come indeed.
Gone from us in body, but not mind,
for you will always be present
within our hearts and souls; enshrined.
The parts of you that will live on forever.
The parts of you that will not die, whatsoever!

The parts of you within our son.
The blood that runs through his veins,
his gentle eyes, easy smile,
sturdy frame, quick wit, and kind heart that contains
so much promise...where you live on,
so much promise to wish upon.

A heart eternally
beating, Beating, BEATING
for you, because of you.

Your grace eternally
shining, Shining, SHINING
upon us, our love endlessly intertwined.


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