Footprints In The Grass

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I walked into the woods once on a chilled October day.
Wandered through the fallen leaves,
crooked branches,
mumbling stream,
up over hills of rocks and roots and found a clearing there.

The wind there swirled in eddies, quiet as a whispered breath,
and I wondered could I stay here,
breathing deeply,
sunlight winking,
could I stay inside this quiet, undisturbed home neath the trees?

The world moves much too quickly, and the people whisper loud,
but I felt I could belong inside the clearing,
arms like branches,
breath a whisper,
just as peaceful as the swaying grass I trapped beneath my feet.

But the clearing has been different since the first time that I went.
The air is much less peaceful,
branches broken,
stream unclean,
all because I left my footprints in the grass once undisturbed.


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Image of Capricia Williams
Capricia Williams · ago
I absolutely love it! Your words are like a paintbrush! You're a great poet and artist!