Isatou Singhateh

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The vigorous sound of nature stole my heart,
As I strolled quietly through the woods,
A fox as cunning as they come,
Looked at me with dread then roamed off without prompting,
The trees stood as lanky as skyscrapers,
As they cut off the daylight from reaching the soil,
Wings fluttered over my head as birds feed their young and built nests,
The ecosystem working as one,
Without the prying eyes of the wealthy looking to butcher and make
barren the lands I inhaled into my mind’s eye,
The taste of the air,
Charred my lungs,
Giving me relief from the burden
Modern society places upon us all,
Away from the city where money talks instead of people,
Where cars pollute the air and traffic halts the days
progress, A simple reflection is all it takes,
To realize the importance of self-care,
Under the sky, we are all one,
Life outside of humanism is buoyant and effervescent,
The lake at the end of my walk gives life to the forest,
It will continue to contribute and provide sustainable development for
everything is living within the green walls of the landscape.
Truth be told it is where I would rather be.
As I take my final steps to the long road
I’ll remember forever the feeling I got when I wrote this poem.


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Image of Tianna Montalmont
Tianna Montalmont · ago
Love this ! Very proud of you Isatou. This poem makes me feel very free and one with nature.
Image of Sharon Carter
Sharon Carter · ago
Beautiful flow, you captured the essence of a walk in a serene forest. I just had this experience in Orlando, your words were the epitome of what I felt.