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Hidden under the nake eyes of mysterious beings, nature flourishes with life. A seedling burst from the dirt with a sparkling sound.

“She’s up! She’s our last hope!”, cried a nearby voice.

“She is, she is the last gift from God.” signed an old tree near the newly born seedling. The young plant stood with a stronghold to the ground. She shakes her two green healthy leaves and let out a yawn.

“Mother? Mother? Where are you?”, the seedling looks around carefully. When she was a seed she had felt the presence of her mother, so close to her always caring for her. Until a couple of days ago, she lost the connection to her mother, and starting then she had been working hard to break through the dirt. Today she is finally out, but she still could not find her mother.

“Oh poor child, so pure and innocent.” said the first voice.

“Your mother is no longer with us, and she’ll never come back.” explained the elderly voice.

“Oh! You should not have told her that!”

“She needs to know, she is our hope and she needs to be strong. Listen seedling, from now on you will be Hope, your mother is not here or anywhere else. She had perished like many members of the family. Remember that her death was caused by the beings, it was them that lit us on fire, it was them that camp near us, it was them that threw trash at us, it was them that cause the deaths of our children, it was them! It was them! It was the beings! ”

The trees around were mourning while listening to the elder tree. Hope listens with disbelief and doubt. She is so shocked that she is speechless. How can this happen? She has never even see her mother, and now she never will. Her leaves droop, thinking about the warm feelings she had when her mother was alive. Now she regrets coming out into the world, if she didn’t know all of this, she could've at least imagine or pretend that her mother will come back to her soon. Why do I have to go through this she thought. This is not how it should be like!

“Hope? Hope?”

Hope, dangling her leaves and deep in her thoughts can not hear the others calling to her. “Such agony she was born into and-”

“They’re here! They’re here!” yelled a standing tree on guard.

The fire has been burning for a month now. Before the fire, the trees in this forest were green and healthy and many beings love to come for camping, traveling, and pictures. The trees were proud of how many beings they have attracted at first, but then they began to see the negative effects. Many beings would tear their leaves, their branches, or even step on their children. It was a disaster and destruction for the trees. They cry loudly every time they’re hurt, but the beings seem as if they could not hear them. Many members of the forest learned to keep their children at a safe place to prevent any harm. The trees thought this was it, and it couldn't get any worst until a fire was lit. There seems to be no clear sign of what happened, but it was clear that the beings brought the fire. The plastics they threw catch on fire, the campfires that spread, the cigarettes they threw carelessly on the ground. The trees now dead and wounded suffer from the disaster.

Hope was startle and was finally able to get out of her thoughts.

“What now! What do they want?! We are already destroyed!” exclaimed one of the burned trees.

It was true. As Hope looked around she saw ashes and broken tree branches. It was grey and black everywhere with barely any sight of green. The air is extremely smokey that Hope almost coughs when she breathes. There were a couple of trees that stand with no leaves or branches. From time to time there was even a flick of flame which scares Hope tremendously; afraid that she would get burned to death.

“These monsters will never learn, they will keep torturing us! It will never be an end!” cried a tree frightfully.

A being came to the remaining trees and instructed the other beings to clean up the area. Some of them distinguish the remaining flames while others clean up the ashes and broken branches. The trees desperately try to cover Hope up so the beings don’t see her. They did not want beings to harm her. They had tried to protect their children from the fire, but only Hope was able to survive. The others were not strong enough to fight through the fire to have a peek of the world. The trees had only asked for a place to live and for the beings to stop the murder of their families. Was it too hard for them to look after their trash that they had to throw it on the floor? Can they be more careful when creating campfires? Do they not know that we are alive and we have families? Can they not do the trees a tiny favor and leave the forest alone?

These questions were not answered by the beings as they simply can not hear the trees. Despite their effort, they could not cover Hope as her green leaves were so attractive.

“Look a new sprout!” declared a being.

He walks to the leader and they discuss for a few minutes.

The trees were terrified. What are they up to? However, it was more terrifying to see the being dig Hope out of the soil.

“Help! No!” cried Hope.

“Why touch our child! You monster! Give her back!” The trees cried even louder, but they can’t stop Hope from being taken away. Hope is horrified, she starts to tear up and cry. She has not enjoyed the world yet and this is the end?

To the trees surprise Hope was not killed or taken away, she was placed in an area which was just clean up. And then it was even more shocking that many seedlings were taken out of a truck and planted near Hope. These seedlings were healthy and full of life.

“Are they...helping us?” said a tree softly.

There were no answers. Hope was also confused, are these the beings that killed her mother?

As more and more seedlings were planted, the trees remained in silence and shock. After a few moments, little seedlings’ chitchat filled the air. The forest trees could not believe they were able to hear the voices of children again. The mysterious beings are indeed mysterious. Should Hope and the rest forgive them?


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