How Do You Make Your Sandwich?

Gracie Guerin

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Ping! The latch is released and the smell of fresh bread lofts through my house. Excited to eat my masterful creation, I run into the kitchen, ready to make a sandwich. I take my freshly baked bread out of the bread maker and put it on a cutting board. Slowly, I cut through it slicing two big pieces off for me to eat. Freshly baked bread is one of the simple luxuries in life and can also have enormous health benefits by getting rid of the processed grains in the bread you would buy from the grocery store.

Instead, I enjoy my bread with fresh grains bought straight from the source and made right in my kitchen. I grab a plate and place my pieces of bread, still steaming, on it. I go into my fridge and grab my favorite part of a sandwich: The cheese. The hunk of smooth, pepper jack cheese that I grab is from my local organic market, coming directly from a local farm which utilizes grass fed cows in all its cheese making. Grass fed cows make a big impact on the health and safety of eating cheese, giving you more vitamins, less processed additives during the making process, and an overall more enjoyable hunk of cheese. I slice a chunk of cheese off the block, adding it to my growing sandwich. The next addition to my sandwich is ham. As well as cheese, grass fed animals, especially pigs, can have a great impact on the meat that you consume. Not adding GMO’s, keeping the animals happy and healthy, and making sure to only feed them the best and healthiest grass to make sure what you are eating is the best version possible. After taking the ham, locally sourced from a farm near me, out of my fridge, I take another knife out of my drawer and slice two big chunks off for my sandwich, adding them carefully on top of the cheese. My final addition to my sandwich requires a little trip. I'm not travelling far, just into my backyard where I have a little garden, sprouted with lettuce, spinach, kale, as well as tasty herbs and pretty flowers to top it all off. I break off a few pieces of lettuce, still wet from when I watered them earlier and make my way back inside. Growing a personal garden, no matter how big or small can have astounding effects on both your mind and body. Gardening is shown to improve your mental health to connect back to the Earth, as well as providing healthy, readily available food that you can take care of and eat right in your own yard. I go back into my kitchen, lettuce in hand, and place it on the top of my sandwich. Happy with my creation, I put the top piece of bread on and sit down, ready to eat. The best part of enjoying a sandwich is not the taste and how yummy it is, but instead the knowledge I have in my head about what it took to make this sandwich, and how I have helped make things a little better so that I can enjoy this sandwich, guilt free. Having that knowledge in your head makes you more aware of your impact on this world and gives you inspiration to strive to do better in all your choices, not just in making a sandwich. As I take the first bite, I can say confidently that I’ve done all I could to help protect and nourish the Earth we live on to get this tasty sandwich into my mouth.


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