In the Midst of it all

Kimora Reddick

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It's oddly unfamiliar and kind of hard to explain, how do I put this? I woke up and I was in a new environment. Mom always told me that the future would hold something exceptional, but sometimes I never took it seriously until now; I felt like I entered a uniquely different world. There weren't the “normal” things you would usually observe. I encountered the most magnificent trees, the ones you would discover in a storybook. They were so high they went past the clouds and were deeply textured to the point that if you were to get close enough, you wouldn't even consider it to be real because it was so gorgeous.

I continued my travels through this mysterious new world that I was not able to wrap my mind around. The freshness in the air and the crispness of the wind just drifting across my face like a leaf whirling gracefully on the ground; it was so soothing and pleasant that I couldn't even think straight. The grass glistened in the sun as I pressed my feet down on it. The birds were unfamiliar, but yet I was strangely fascinated by their chirping.

I passed by a valley of marvelous fruits, common to most and an everyday fixture in nature. They appeared almost plastic-like, because they were so fresh in their spectrum of colors. As I was roaming around the strangest thing happened, a tiger came rushing toward me. I was shocked at the fact that it didn't try to attack me but rather, it hugged and licked my face. Quickly after, it was like something opened my eyes because there were so many animals around me, like that in an enclosure at the zoo, and they were just wandering around minding their business instead of chasing after me.

I knew previously in my mind that this new world I had recently discovered was amazing but would come to end sometime because it seemed too surreal. The day seemed to become brighter instead of darker the more and I discovered that everything God took time to create was for the human eye to admire and relish in his glory.

Time rushed by as I proceeded my journey and came upon the beautifully colored monarch butterfly I had seen earlier that day. I began to weep and tremble at the sights that I had witnessed today because I knew there was nothing like it and hoped to share what I had seen with the world. I was still bewildered by how I had made it into a world that defined the word nature if someone were to just take a single glance.--I don’t know what you are trying to say with the sentence before this. I didn't want to leave and not be able to see this clean, pure, and majestic natural atmosphere that was surrounding me ever again. So, I had to make a choice; find a way to be able to stay at the root of it or let go knowing this journey might never come again in the exact same way. The answer? Never fall asleep again because if I do, I might never be in the midst of this heaven ever again.


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