Nature in the World

Aidan Bell

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Growing up I have always been interested in the world and everything on it. Not a lot of people take in the true beautifulness of the world. In today's society, we are all connected with our phones more than we are with the outside world. I have realized this recently because of the current situation I am in. I have been on my phone more than I ever have in my life because of all of the free time I have just sitting on my phone. I did not want to waste my life away behind a screen, I took action and started to go outside more. I go on runs and like to ride my bike outside so I can see the true beauty of the real world, and not what is behind a screen. The best thing for me personally is to watch the sunset. They are always the craziest colors and look amazing each time I see one. Every day there is a different sunset, which also made me realize that every day is different too. I have been in a loop recently and have felt that every day was just the same thing over and over again. This is good for people to know this and to realize this because most people have a hard time seeing this. Myself included. I have shown my friends and talked to them as well about the beauty of the real world to get them as well off of their devices. It has worked for some but has not for others. But some are better than none in my opinion.


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