Ode to the Changing Seasons

Bette Alburger

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“Stick ‘em up, trees!” the North Wind said;

Then shook down all their gold and fled!

And there they stand with limbs raised high,

Robbed by the bandit of the autumn sky.

But bare branches soon will be draped in white,

Against winter’s grey sky, what a beautiful sight.

Then those snowy sentinels start changing each day,

Showing signs that spring is finally on its way.

Slowly, buds on each branch will begin to bloom,

With some blossoms emitting a pleasant perfume.

At last, where once leaves of gold were seen,

Will be trees again majestically robed in green.

Cooling shade they’ll provide from summer till fall,

When the bandit of the sky again comes to call.

Splendid scenes like these surely delight us all,

Whether viewed in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Whether seen on a college campus or private land,

The scene can be described as “simply grand.”

And as each season changes, we all must agree,

Each has its own beauty – the Creator’s glory to see.


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