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It’s raining, which means he’s here.

His visits are sporadic as they are attempts to escape the rain.

I can’t deny him or turn him away, in fact I can’t move.

He enters while I lie very still from my bed and watch him hover in the doorway.

It’s silent, neither having anything to say.

He slowly approaches, his shadow filling half the room.

I stare, throat dry and unable to form words.

I wish nothing more but to scream and run.

But I can’t. I’m paralyzed with fear.

He never gets close enough to touch me yet,

I wish he wouldn’t try.

With him now halfway across the room, I manage to lift a finger.

He pauses as if he noticed my movement.

I continue to shift as I gain control over my limbs again.

Ignoring his looming figure, I move until I have power over my body again.

My mind is slower to catch up, but it does soon after.

I wake up and glance at the doorway.

He’s gone and the room is no longer negatively charged.

Realization hits and I understand it was sleep paralysis.

The dark weather allowed him to manifest and enter my mind.


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Image of Darlene Bullock
Darlene Bullock · ago
Good Work! You should be proud of your work! I know Grandma is proud of you!
Image of Gwen Cihonski
Gwen Cihonski · ago
Very creative Arianna