Reflections on a Camping Trip in Maine

Betsy Motten

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We discovered the wilderness,
and with it, the pleasures of our senses.

Sun rays shared warmth with delicate fingers,
touching us gently
as we stretched lazily upon rocks and sand.
Around us light breezes teased and whispered
as they tossed our hair
and rustled through the stiff green needles of pines.

Recall cotton clouds drifting slowly above
in a rich blue expanse,
an echo of the sea,
where seagulls soared effortlessly, enjoying their freedom
as the called to each other and us.

And beneath, a restless playful sea
sprayed and splashed the shore in a rhythmic tag game:
Washing...polishing...shifting pebbles and rocks
as it has done for an eternity.

Up rocky points we climbed to watch the sea set stage
For a dance by the golden twilight sun---
Shimmering...reflecting diamonds on the waves.

How clear the nights were
that introduced us to a thousand shining stars
above our heads,
keeping watch over the silent inlet of our retreat
where still dark water softly mirrored blazing campfires.

We discovered the wilderness
and with it, renewed admiration, respect, and pride
for undisturbed places that speak for themselves
about themselves
for all who will listen.

Time was ours to sit...think...appreciate
the beauty around us
as daily we marveled at the perfection and beauty
Our Creator has provided there.

We discovered the wilderness and took it with us.
We discovered ourselves and are stronger.


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