Spring Time in Our Land

Rita Mazziol Marshall

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The long cold winter is finally over
As Spring peaks its head through the horizon
Daffodils, Tulips, Forsythia blanket the cover
As the earth becomes warm & unfrozen

All around us Mother Nature’s kind hand
Waves across the terrain to bring joy & color
To the once plain, barren land
That is now filled with night & day flowers

Little chicks and ducklings become born again
As they respond to the melting of the earth
And life becomes again as we once
Knew it before the long winter gained its strength

Long walks in the park and at the beach As
we spend more time outdoors & in the bays
Become the norm of nature’s reach
As it caresses us with its sunshine’s rays.

Longer days, happy rumps in the mountains
Walking on our hikes & trails
Bring happiness as we renew our youth’s fountain In
Spending time with Nature’s Veil.

Building sand castles by the ocean’s shore
And Making Smores at our fav

Bring out our best, creative core
That surprises us & leaves us


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