The Blood Moon Night

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Jumping at shadows from flickering streetlights
I make my way home on the blood moon night
As the bats swoop down low, I cover my face
Then trip and fall over the manhole plate

Down I tumble and with a splash I find
The trap set for me has sprung tonight
I look up and see that ghostly face
Before the manhole cover takes its place

Oh, the blackness! So dark, so deep!
Incomprehensible, I can hardly breathe
Or could it be he stole my breath
When my falling scream sprang from my chest

Eventually, as the echoes fade
A slow ‘drip, drip’ takes their place
And as the water soaks up my legs
Rats send chills down the other way

Biting down panic, I close my eyes
And take a deep breath, thinking “I’ll be fine”
But my heart pounds louder as the minutes pass by
And I realize that no one will save me this time

Slowly, like shadows, my nightmares grow
Into dark terrors I can’t control
Prowling the deepest corners of my mind
Then jumping into reality as I open my eyes

Giant rats with glowing red eyes
Ready to gnaw flesh and bone tonight
Bloodsucking leaches fill the sewer sludge
As if vampire bats by my neck weren’t scary enough

Terrified, not knowing what else to do
My flight or fight instinct took control and I flew
Blindly into the darkness, arms out like a zombie
As if I could feel my way out of that dark hallway

But every way I turned was a dead end
Cold stone dashing my hopes over and over again
And every time closer the night terrors came
Until finally I stood still, frozen in place

I closed my eyes, saying “This is just a dream”
And then, like magic, a light was seen
Silhouetting a familiar shape
Knowing then I’d sealed my fate

Paralyzed from impending doom
My heart beating its last frightened tune
I couldn’t even stutter and plead for my life
My eyes solely focused on the glinting, sharp knife

Dead, hollow eyes dissected me
A cold, cruel smile spread; his head tilted playfully
An eternity passed with each slow step
Until the knife finally plunged straight through my chest

I thought I knew darkness, but death is the blackest of black
I thought I knew fear, but the loss of eternity is much, much worse than that
For not only did he steal my life
He kidnapped my soul so I could never enter the afterlife

Now every time the blood moon glows red
And the bats take flight to swoop around your head
I emerge from the depths of my sewer tomb
Pushing the manhole cover aside, waiting for you...

To walk down a poorly lit street,
To trip and fall into my keep
Where I can hunt you and steal your soul
So I can escape this Hell I know

Leaving you with one choice to make:
Repeat my cruel actions, another soul to take
To move you on into the light
And escape the torment of unending nights

You say “No, I never could”
But under the curse of the blood moon
You will find that you would.


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