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Your children's fairy tales always come with a happy ending, but that is only because it is told by the ones who end up happy. In my tale, from my perspective, I am the good one, but because I was the one to die, you know me as the villain, as the Evil Queen. Mine is the unfortunate tale of love, I was unlucky enough to fall for a man with a selfish witch for a daughter.
Snow White became jealous of her father's love for me, so she placed a poisoned apple on my nightstand. My dear husband saw the apple's beauty and took a bite, instantly falling prey to the curse meant for me. Filled with grief and rage, I asked my magic mirror to reveal to me the culprit, and it spoke Snow White. Snow White? I knew the spoiled brat would blame me for her crimes, so I swiftly sent my huntsman to bring her into the woods and kill her before she could destroy any more of my life. The child used her charm to convince the huntsman to let her go, and again to convince the dwarves that I was the villain. After realizing the huntsman was too useless to get rid of Snow White, I resorted to killing her myself to protect what was left of my shattered world. I hatched plan after plan to try and rid myself of the girl, but each and every one was spoiled by her minions, the dwarves. Each time I thought I was rid of the girl, I returned and asked the mirror if she was truly gone, and each time it repeated that she was somehow still alive. Finally, after being foiled once again, I realized the perfect plan was staring me in the face. Behind me, in the mirror's reflection, the bright red of the posioned apple that claimed my husband's life shone behind me, taunting me. The weapon that Snow had intended for me I would use on her, the perfect revenge.
Again I took up a disguise and went off into the woods, I came upon the cottage where Snow was hiding away, and again she fell for my ruse. At long last, I knew I would be free from her curse forever. The moment she took a bite from the apple, she collapsed, just as her father had done, and I quickly retreated back to my castle. For three days and three nights I asked the mirror what had happened to Snow White, and for three days and three nights it confirmed that she was dead. For the first time in weeks I slept soundly, believing I was safe. But then, on the fourth morning when I asked into the magic glass, I was terrified to be told that Snow White had again risen from the dead. The mirror's surface showed the girl being brought back to life by the kiss of a young prince, the mirror's voice rang out, "the curse of the apple can only be broken by true love's kiss." True Love's Kiss. That was the answer. My failure to kill Snow had revealed something greater, the way to bring back my husband.
I rushed down the stairs and out of the castle into the pouring rain to the cemetery where the king had been buried. I clawed at the dirt above where he lay until I struck the hard wood of his coffin and threw it open. His face had not aged a day since he had been buried, he looked peaceful, asleep. Tears mixed with rain upon my face as I bent down and our lips connected once again. I lifted up and stared into the face of my beloved, and collapsed on top of him. The curse had not been broken, as I was not his true love, instead the poison from the apple that still lay upon his lips had gone onto mine, and I died. Snow White had gotten to live her happily ever after with her true love and they branded me the villain of this story, proclaiming to all the land that I was wicked and evil for what I had done. What they had failed to mention is that the true monster still lurked the streets, acting as innocent as one could be. Regardless the name stuck, and I became The Evil Queen.


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Abigail Haworth · ago
Interesting take! Great ending.