The Fates' Blind Eye

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The world is burning around me. I can feel the prickles of heat on my skin, how it isn't touching me I don't understand. Ask anyone in my village and they would tell you I am nothing special. My breathing is shallow and I can hear the roar of the flames around me. Behind that ominous sound, I can hear something else, it is faint, almost indiscernible. I try to hone my ears to that noise, that extra bit of chaos.

I finally lock in on it and realize it is a voice, screaming in agony. As it renews its effort to be heard I realize what they are saying. Someone, outside of these flames, is screaming my name, Avery. As I listen harder they seem to be getting louder. Soon they are drowning out the noise of the inferno around me, almost as if they were yelling directly in my ear. No. They are in my head. I hear my name echoing through my own head as it ricochets in a space I did not know existed.

A golden burn all its own. I am well and truly surrounded by light, bright and blinding both before my eyes and behind them. I see the flames begin to die and at that moment my vision goes black, I am falling back into an abyss. All I can hear is that voice screaming my name, less of a comfort than I think this person realizes.

When I can finally see again life is murky, out of focus, and disconcerting. I rub at my eyes in the hopes that it dispels some of this groggy feeling. As my eyes refocus I see that I am in a bed, with a woman leaning over me. Inspecting my head as if she can see right through it. However, upon closer examination, I realize she doesn't even have eyes. I stumble back away from her toward the opposite side in hopes of escaping. Bumping into the warmth of another body. I turn to get a glimpse of two more women, identical to the first, only one of them has a singular eye.

"Sister, give me the eye, I would like to look upon this anomaly for myself"

I hear the original woman hiss. What does she mean by "give" her the eye? I watch on in horror as they pull it from its socket and place it in an outstretched hand. Oh, you have got to be kidding me. My brain reels, trying to process exactly what I just witnessed. Squeezing my eyes shut, I wish to be back in the fiery mess that got me here, even that would be better than this disturbing scene. Upon reopening my eyes I see that I apparently am not lucky enough for that to happen. I hear them continue to talk about me but I want to tune them out.

"I can see her thread is connected to another, fused in a way I have not seen in millennia,"
"Yes sister, we see that but what makes her so special? Surely this honor should have been bestowed upon someone of higher standings,"
"How did we not see this before? Which one of you missed this momentous specimen?"

On and on it went, I might find it comical if I weren't in what I am assuming is hell. I clear my throat and muscle up the courage to ask them what the hell is going on. They continue to bicker above me, I can tell they are sisters based on this alone. Given that they don't seem to be stopping any time soon I look at the rest of my surroundings. It appears that I am in a hospital bed, in a row of many other beds, though those are all empty. Otherwise, the room is very plain.

With the room inspected from my vantage point, I start to think about the fire that brought me here. Thinking about it now, I don't even know how it started. One minute I was on a run and the next my path was blocked by flames. Soon it was all around me, and then I started to hear the screaming. If I am being honest, I thought it was my own voice, yelling incoherently. With the realization that it wasn't, I was thrown for a loop.

Who was that person? They knew my name and knew where I was but there wasn't anyone around before I was engulfed. So how did they find me? I come back to my current reality and the sisters are still fighting. Bouncing their shared eye back and forth between the three. I am tired of this nonsense.

"Where am I? Who are you? And when can I go home? I apparently have a soulmate to find. Unless I am well and truly dead?"

I try and keep the disdain out of my voice, but it creeps in as I ask all of my questions. The women around me look between themselves and seem to communicate by some other means than words.

"Well my dear, you are certainly an interesting specimen. You have somehow alluded us all of these years,"
"Which is saying something, because we see all,"
"And we aren't quite sure what to do with you."

They continue each other's sentences as if they were their own. However, they don't answer any of my questions. I stare on with a raised brow.

"So deary, we think that the easiest way to say this is that you have a soulmate out there, we can tell you their name if you like but no more."

I think on this, a name, I can do something with that, I'm not sure what but something. I nod my head,
"Yes, please tell me their name."

The one that had originally been examining me coughs into their hand and with a whisper that almost seems malicious she says,
"Ambrose Conner."

That's an interesting name, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. Now, what do I do?

"So I have his name, am I meant to get back to him somehow? You three are apparently supposed to see all. How do you see this ending?"

Once again my emotions leak into my words, I used to be better at hiding them, I'll need to work on that. Suddenly I hear my name being called down that golden line again. And I watch as the three women raise their eyebrows in surprise.

"Did you hear that?" I choke out in disbelief.

They all nod, and once again communicate amongst themselves.

"We think that if you focus on that thread, and let it lead you to its end you should be back in your own world, with your soulmate."
"He should be able to use this energy to call to you."
"Like a bell, it should ring out bright and clear."
"Follow it until the end and he shall be there."

They all nod their heads once again and seem to usher me to follow that thread. I shut my eyes and focus on my name being softly yelled down the line. Avery. As if they are giving up hope, I wish I could tell them not to.

I grasp the glowing gold in my hands and use it as a lead back to myself. I maneuver along this line for what feels like an eternity. I start to feel warmer and I can feel the soft caress of a hand on my face. With one last step, I am one with my body again. I stay there for a moment as I listen to what Ambrose is murmuring in my ear.

"You were in danger, I felt it, I didn't know what to do. When I finally found you I could see your eyes fluttering in and out of consciousness and I was terrified. I only just found you. I have been searching, I knew you were out there. I could feel you, down the line, I knew I would find you. Avery, please come back to me. I can't lose you already. When your eyes closed, the light flickered, but it's back now. I can feel it. Please come back to me."

He quiets, I feel him shuddering against me as he cries. Soulmates used to be very common in our world, but something like this hasn't happened - in what did those women say? Millenia? That alone makes my decision for me. With the small bit of energy I have left, I whisper,



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Abigail Haworth · ago
This was somehow creepy, cool, and really wholesome/cute all at the same time