The incomplete Constellation by Tyler G

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Let me say the stars and I now meet eye to eye.
Yes I mean the stars actually look at me.

It took me some time to accept.
But I've learned that your stars are true to you.

I'll tell you a time when I didn't have faith in the stars.
You can say that life like a constellation isn't a straight path.

If you must know, the stars tell stories.
Mine was being able to be a basketball player.

The goal was to dunk on the moon.
Taking a sphere and trying to reach the moon.

The best of the best athletes receive this star alignment.
Let's say being excited was an understatement.

Hopefully, I will get an answer to a question I've always had.
Will my hard work be able to take me beyond the stars?

Now it is time to train.
I tied up my super sneakers and grabbed my basketball.

All of a sudden I felt like the game wasn't fun.
The sweat was getting in my eyes, the heat was unbearable.

I felt like my super sneakers didn't get me all the way to the hoop to dunk.
My attitude was bitter and my passion was missing.

As I trained during the night the sky became bright orange and violet.
Capricorn and Scorpio were laughing as I was struggling.

Box jumps, after more and more jumping exercises.
The hours felt long and I got little to no progress.

The constellation was supposed to be my future.
The stars are never wrong, right?

Each day of training includes my super shoes and jumping exercises.
Anything I could think of just to reach my destiny.

I became controlled by my fear of failure and all of a sudden something changed.
I became full of passion and confidence because this was my time to shine.

I now started to dunk with much ease.
One-handed dunks, no-look dunks, backward dunks, anything you could imagine.

The days passed and hours of success came with it.
Now it was the day to take flight.

I took my start and ran as fast as I could.
I got 120 feet above the ground and then I heard something.

My left super sneaker fell, and I heard a crack in my left ankle.
I was falling quickly from the sky until I crashed and lost consciousness.

I woke up in despair with tears coming down my face.
I became full of anger and the day lost its purpose.

At this moment I thought the stars were wrong.
I felt like I put so much effort just to be defeated.

How can one's destiny be so close and also far away?
How can my life be told through the constellations lie?

I held my hopes so close and I couldn't bear to see.
That may be being a basketball player was not meant to be.

As I was walking to my house the sky became flooded with ruby red.
Then Aries the first constellation appeared in the stars.

Only this time something changed
He showed a boy with a pen and basketball reaching for the stars.

All of my anger and fears vanished.
It turns out I just got the wrong constellation.

It is possible that your life is incomplete.
So remember when you look up you see a star that was there a thousand years ago.


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