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One time when I was 11 years old I was sitting in my room getting ready to sleep, and I heard a loud thud coming from my closet, which was on my left at the time. I ignored it at first, thinking it was some kind of a pipe crack from the back of the wall, but it was not the case.

Ever since I was a little kid my biggest fear were ghosts. So later on that night, on exactly 2:00AM I was tired, but mostly terrified. I went to my parents's room to tell my mom what happened. I woke up my mom with a terrified face, she woke up nervously, she thought that someone has broken into our house, she asked nervously "what happened?" I said "mom I can't sleep, I heard a loud thud in my room, and I'm scared" she walked me to my room and told me a happy story, to calm me down and let me forget about what happened. In the middle of the story, me and my mom heard the loud thud again, I began to panic, and of course the thud didn't even faze my mom. So she told me that everything is fine and okay, and I should go back to sleep because she has work tomorrow.

After telling me that, she left my room to go back to sleep, and here we are again, ROUND 2. I grabbed a flashlight and covered my self with blankets, thinking it was some kind of shield that no one could break. Time began to pass and it was 3:00AM I felt tired, I told me self I should go back to sleep. I closed my eyes for FIVE MINUTES!!! FIVE!!! MINUTES!!! I felt like someone was grabbing my blanket, it felt like that someone who was grabbing my blanket, wanted to take my blanket off of me and take my life away! and I'm not even exaggerating.

Being in that situation, and being my biggest fear were ghosts, I DIDN'T DO A SINGLE THING. eventually the blanket was off of me, but I had my eyes closed for the whole time, as soon as my blanket was off of my body, I heard someone saying "hey what's up little scardey cat, I didn't know that you were scared of us that much sorry about that"

the ghost gave me a fist bump. I was silently crying, but I was impressed of how cool he was. So I decided to not tell anyone, I don't even know why I'm telling you this! but for the sake of the ghost I won't say his name. So I kept thinking about it, and I wondered how they're living and whether they have the same or different lifestyle than us.

So a couple of months had passed and I was lying on my bed trying to sleep, and mind you, it was 2:55AM, so it was close to the 3:00 mark, which I considered (the ghost hour). I was really tired but I was still thinking about the last "incident" I was desperately hoping to hear anything to give me a sign that the last ghost that I talked to was there, but no. I heard the sound of a little girl calling my name from the inside of the walls, and I regretted every single moment that I hoped for a sign. Anyways, even though I was scared, I was still curious to see what the other side looked like, so I shouted from the top of my lungs saying "SHOOOWW YOURSEELLFF", which at the time was a great idea, but looking back at it now, it wasn't. My mom and dad came rushing to my door wondering why I shouted so loud, and why there were neighbors knocking on our door. so I told them that I was playing with my phone and some kid was not showing himself, so I figured that if I shouted at him, he may show himself (great cover up Mohammed). my mom took away my phone and told me to go back to sleep, and that it was late. As soon as they left and closed the door, I heard a voice saying "come and play with me" and of course, I said okay and agreed on playing, suddenly I was not in my room anymore.
I was in a dark place, I couldn't see anything, all I can hear is laughter from the back of my neck, it was terrifyingly close to me. I thought that if I crouched down, the wouldn't know where I am, since I was standing still the whole time, wouldn't you do the same thing? so I crouched down and suddenly I heard the laughter in front of my face, it was as like when a person's face against yours but you couldn't feel it, you just hear stuff. I decided to man up because I thought in my mind that this is the worse thing that could happen, so I shouted, "OLLLAAAA AMIGOOSS" and then I heard of a squeaking door which I thought was cool, I told my self am I in a horror movie?...........SIIICCKK. from that moment when I heard the door sound, well you know, from me being me i tried to find the door until I saw a light shining through the door, I felt feelings a person should never feel, I had mixed feelings, I was appreciative, I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh, I was angry, but happy all at the same time. so I walked in the room and the door closed shut, a minute later the first ghost that have ever talked to me walked in the room from a different door, you know who I'm talking about right? he was happy that I came to his place and see and feel what and how it feels like to live in a ghost house. We talked a lot, while we were talking I was thinking if I can get back to the real world, the ghost told me there's a portal, just go straight ahead and take the first right. I was shocked, a big question mark popped up in my head, he told me yes I can read minds haha. he didn't make a big deal out of it, if it was me, I would be the most annoying kid on earth with a superpower. We ended our conversation and I went to the portal as he was standing behind me waving goodbye (tears falling) I waved goodbye at him and went inside the portal. it was all black again, and I heard someone calling my name over and over again, but I didn't know who, and then I felt someone's shaking my shoulder. slowly an image began to develop, I began to hear sounds more clearly, one sound that caught my attention was (Mohammed come on wake up its time for school) IT WAS ALL A DREAM!


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