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It was a normal day and I was running around as happy as can be. But then they came out of nowhere, huge metal things that seemed like birds but were bigger than the largest eagles I had ever seen. They dropped eggs that exploded on the ground, eliminating everyone near. They came out of the birds with metal sticks firing. There was death and destruction everywhere. The humans had arrived. I hopped out as fast as I could until I heard a rustling and my head whipped around to find a dirty-looking buff guy grabbed me and said in a gruff voice “where do you think you're going rabbit, you're coming with me.” Then he knocked me out and the next thing I remember I’m in a dark damp and disgusting cell. I looked around to what appeared to be my new home.

There was little there except for some moss and a grated sewer vent so I could survive long enough to be tortured for info, and then I would probably be killed in an excruciating and horrific way including some type of hunger games for animals. But that didn’t matter, all I knew was that I was starving, so I gobbled up some moss and then immediately vomited. That’s when I knew I had to break out, even though I would probably die trying. Then I heard a voice, at first I thought I was going insane but then I heard it again louder this time. It was coming from the sewer grate. It said “Hi my name is Randy, what is yours?”I leaned towards the sewer grate and whispered, feeling stupid because I was talking to a sewer grate and said “I’m Carl, what is going on?”. ”The humans captured us and we are probably going to die.” he answered. I rolled my eyes and said “I kinda figured that but how do we get out?”. He said what I had unfortunately figured out: “There is no way out.” I felt a sinking in my heart but it was immediately replaced with a shining determination. ”Well I’m getting us out” I stated courageously. But that courage melted when another human came in and grabbed me. I bit and kicked mercilessly but he never loosened his grip. Finally I gave up and hung limp as he carried me. I didn’t know where we were going, all I knew was that it was bound to be bad. But then a shining ray of hope came in, the cell keys. My plan was perfect biting, kicking might not make him let go but what about a “sick infectious rabbit.” So I dissolved into a fit of coughs and sure enough he let go and on the way down I snacthed his keys right off his belt. I started hopping and threw the keys in an Olympic medal winning throw, they landed in Randy’s cell and five seconds later a moose charged at the man and threw him off the metal bird thing (I later learned that it was called a plane)! Me and Randy set all of the animals free and we took over the plane, then crashed it because animals can’t drive. Finally we had made it back into the wild and since then I have dedicated my life to fighting the humans so nature can blossom.


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