There was an Old Lady Who Ate the Circus

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There was an Old Lady that ate a flea
“I don’t know why,” said she.

She went to the circus and show.
To see a flying squirrel, you know.

It spun in the air, but alas, we fear
She quickly made him disappear.

Next on the menu was a tasty orange fox.
She wiped her grin with some dirty socks.

Center ring, came in the prancing little white horse,
Would she dare, could she eat? Why yes, of course!

Tiger leaped through the ring of fire,
Her eyes gleamed with desire.

The ringmaster shouted and cracked his whips,
The tiger disappeared behind her red, ruby lips!

In prowled the lion, did he know his fate?
The Old Lady opened wide and ate and ate!

A juggling elephant is the next meal we see.
Her hunger began with that silly flea!

Was there room for one more?
Opening her mouth was a chore!

So large was she, the story went,
She wiped her lips with the tent.

She began to belch and squelch, and then a burp.
Everything she ate, came out as a backwards slurp.

She was one of half of the Wiggly Sisters Circus Show,
“It’s the greatest!” Then she shouted, “Tallyho!”


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