Trapped in the Illusion of Fate

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A little girl looked up to the stars in the sky
Counting all the specks that were as small as flies
They all stayed perfectly in place for her to tally
Except for the one that suddenly flew by.

She was told of legends surrounding the falling stars
How they could alter your path with a simple wish
That's why she chased the light down
Right to the point where it crashed to the ground.

And the star screamed out,
"Please help me back up!
It appears I went loose
And now I am stuck!"

But the little girl was deaf to the pleas
Approaching the star and falling to her knees
And picked up the ball of gas
Treating it as though it were glass.

She carried it back home with her
And told her mother of the sight.
Yet her mother laughed at what she heard
And told her it's simply a ball of light.

Their words were cast aside
And she held the star closely to her chest
Whispering her secret prayers and desires
To a star she had taken in her theft.

Days blew by as fast as the wind
Far too quickly for the wishes to appear
Yet the little girl held on hope
That the star was able to hear.

But every day the star would plead
For the girl to return him to his home
That he was simply a spark in the sky
Who only wanted to go out and roam.

And as days turned to weeks then to months then to years
The star slowly lost its spark and started to disappear
Because no matter how hard the girl wept
The star could not be brought back with tears.

So her wishes were lost once the star shriveled up
And with them, she had lost her hope
That somehow she could alter her fate
And avoid better ways to cope.

She went down a spiral of destruction
Believing wishes and hopes were not to aspire to
Living as though she had no control
Over whether the path of life headed to doom.

Yet she went out one night as she had in the past
Looking towards the sky and the constellations laced through
And she wondered if the specks of light
Felt stuck as though they were pressed to glue.

Did the Big Dipper want to eternally dance and be the lead
Or did he want to follow his counterpart through
Did Orion want to fight or was his desire to flee
And if he could, what would he decide to do?

The truth was that they decided their paths
Choosing their place in the sky
And only placing blame on themselves
For why their stars were there to lie.

She could've changed at any point
There was not a perfect date
No stars needed to align or fall to the ground
For her to change her fate.

It is not a stagnant thing that cannot be replaced
Or manipulated to fit into place
It is something that falls into your control
Where you are cast as the lead role.

Fate is not what the stars will say
Or the pleas you cry to their shining face
It is that which we cannot see
It is simply an illusion that is lined with lace.

And even though it was nice to believe
That it was fate to find a shooting star
The girl realized that it was a sign to go
And free her wishes from a jar.

She was able to achieve all she desired
And it was not because of a fallen star or fate
It was due to her choice to believe
That her choices were her own and not something to hate.


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