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Once upon a time there were two pastelillos in a Spanish corner market on the main street of Reading, Pennsylvania. These two pastelillos, Jorge and Angelica, were lovers since the first day out of the oven. Each day, Jorge and Angelica sat as close together as can be, in hopes that they would be picked together by a customer. Neither one of them could bear the thought of separating, beef and pollo pastelillos go hand-in-hand! Each day, they saw their friends get chosen by customers and often being separated from their families, and they couldn’t imagine what they would do if one of them was chosen without the other.
One Wednesday afternoon, a class of college students came into the market looking for lunch. They watched as the students gazed into the glass at them, mouths watering, wondering which ones they would choose. They saw their friends being picked out, one by one, growing more and more anxious as they saw each student only choosing ONE pastelillo. All of a sudden, Angelica felt a hand reaching over her, and felt herself being shoved into a brown bag. Everything went dark, and she could not see where she was going, but she knew she was all alone. Jorge quickly realized what was happening and began screaming for Angelica, but no one could hear him. Jorge watched as all the students walked out of the shop, bags of pastelillos in their hands, and knew he was officially left behind and separated from the love of his life. The other pastelillos in the bin began to feel wet and looked down to see themselves in a puddle of hot oil, Jorge was crying his eyes out and filling the whole bin with his tears!
The other pastelillos felt very sad for Jorge but did not know how to comfort him. They had never felt a love like Jorge and Angelica’s, so they did not know what to say to make him feel better. Nothing anyone could say would make Jorge feel any better. As the days went on, Jorge continued to cry and cry, letting more hot oil seep out of his body. Because of this, no one chose him as their lunch! By the end of the week, Jorge was the last pastelillo left in the bin, everyone else was gone. Jorge knew at that point that he was just going to be thrown into the trash by the chef and he felt very hopeless. As the chef opened the glass and began to reach for Jorge, the store bell rang, meaning someone just entered. A little old lady came in, and the chef put Jorge down and walked away to assist her. Jorge tried to think of any escape to not be thrown into the glass, but could not come up with anything. He watched as the old lady browsed up and down the aisles, eventually making her way to the hot food bar where he was. She looked at the different types of rice and meat, but Jorge caught her attention.
“What kind of pastelillo is this?” the old lady asked, pointing to Jorge.
“Beef, but I was just about to throw it out. It has been sitting for a few days,” the chef answered.
“No need to throw it away,” the old lady said, “I will take it!”
“Are you sure? I have some more baking in the back,” The chef answered.
“Absolutely. I’m in a hurry and don’t have much time to wait. Besides, the beef are my favorite!”
The chef reached into the bin and pulled Jorge out, stuffing him into a brown bag. Jorge felt a sigh of relief, knowing he has finally found a home and won’t just be thrown into the trash. The old lady walked out of the store and pulled Jorge out of the bag as soon as she got into her car.
“Mmm, this pastelillo smells amazing!” She thought. She raised Jorge closer to her mouth, and.. *CRUNCH*.


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