Keira Wilkerson

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I stand alone in this park
But life wasn’t always like this
As a young tree I was surrounded by a
forest of trees, Most of them older and wiser
than I
I watched as wild animals play
amongst the trees I watched as flocks
of birds would come and go
I watched as few people passed on foot and
on horses Life was peaceful and quiet then

As I got older things started to change
Trees that had been there for ages were being cut down
I watched as trees were used to build
cottages and stables I watched as the land
was turned into farms
I watched as the animals were no longer wild

I watched the people started building a
community Farms and cottages turned
into neighborhoods
I watched as the dirt roads turned into asphalt
I watched as the people built homes and factories
The more the land developed the fewer trees there were

Centuries later I stand alone
Watching the world continue to change
I have stood in peace, watching the world go by
I have watched the seasons change over many years

The world turn bright white in the winter
The world come back to life as the
flowers bloom The grass slowly dies
in the heat of the summer The leaves
change color and fall to the ground

I no longer watch the trees
and wildlife I watch as people
in cars speed by
I watch children play
I stand as children climb on me
I watch as adults scurry along missing the
beauty of the park I watch as the elderly sit and
observe the world around them
I stand tall, watching the world ever
changing around me, Just like I always


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