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The Woman of Green
has never been seen.
But the stories and tales
will turn you pale.

With a face of a troll,
that makes you crawl into a hole,
Her boils and warts
haunt even the most court.

She steals children, ages one to eight,
many don’t survive, a lot being ate.
She burns them alive in her oven.
It’s even said that she was kicked out of her coven.

As I never wished to see the day
that I started to believe what people say.
But as my skin blisters from the fires of hell,
the stories are true and I live to tell.

The Woman of Green sings a song
that travels far and is very long.
As she sings, she prowls the land,
looking to grab a little kid’s hand.

And once she has them in her possession,
she takes them to her cottage without question.
She fattens them up, covering them in flour.
Then bakes them at 436℉ for about an hour.

The Woman of Green
used to never have been seen.
Yet the stories and tales
would turn you pale.

Now that I know these stories are true,
I can’t help but wonder, what else is true?


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