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It's raining, but not water—red mist drips from the sky, speckling my face. They collect and drip down my chin, leaving a trail of ruby dots in the pinkening snow.
It's not like the snow was [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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The schoolmaster stayed too late tonight;
The crescent moon has taken flight.
He walks ahead with cloak clutched tight,
Though home is far and out of sight.
Amidst the trees he does not [+]

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PSU Through the Woods
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We left for a weekend to get away from the constant, heavy cloud of stress that seemed to surround our college campus. It set in from the first day of classes, and hung there, unmoving ever since. Ou [+]

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Muzzled clowns parade towards
The shadowy circus tent
While just yards away
The sweet spring light
Beats down on my skin
The ground swirls like a whirlpool
Pulling me towards the [+]

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The wind cut into my flesh, passing freely through the threads of my lousy coat. It was a particularly fierce October night-- but I didn’t mind the cold. It allowed me to think freely into the dark [+]

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Nana Maggie was a one-eyed, seven-fingered, one-footed woman who lived both down the street and a hundred miles away. Her gaze was distant (even before dementia) and her voice was hollow, save for the [+]

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PSU The Witching Hour
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Jason knew that his wife, Ashley, was less than enthusiastic when he inherited the family farm and tavern, but he never thought that she would run off and leave him without saying a word.
Afte [+]

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PSU The Witching Hour
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My pursuer was relentless. Slowly, realization had dawned on me that I could not escape him. One mile had become five, then ten. With grim determination, I set out to delay the inevitable as long as [+]

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“Gemma, are you nearly ready?”
“Coming, mom. Just give me a second.” The reflection staring back at me in my vanity is a bland young woman with minimal makeup, nicely braided hair, and pearl [+]