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One early afternoon, a man was hungry for both breakfast and lunch. He cooked up some scrambled eggs and assembled a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He sat down at the table to enjoy his creation [+]

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My name is Alice, and I’m a camera.
Alice, why don’t you start...why don’t you tell me what a typical day looks like for you.
Well [+]

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I was surprised to be having a mental breakdown in the bread aisle. It wasn’t really the mental breakdown that was surprising, and it definitely wasn’t the bread, but there was something about [+]

Winner - Jury
PSU The other side
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Morning? Already?
I don’t even know why I bother asking myself that everyday; every morning is greeted with the same, rhetorical question. It may seem like I’m whining, and you probably [+]

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One time when I was 11 years old I was sitting in my room getting ready to sleep, and I heard a loud thud coming from my closet, which was on my left at the time. I ignored it at first, thinking it [+]

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Wake up, make yourself look nice.
Walk into class, non-stop hustle.
Work hard on each assignment and make sure you at least get a C.
Everyday .
Get to work half past 9 am [+]

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Why did you not look at me
When I cried
Why did you not answer me
When I called
Why did you not come
And today, what happened
You told me turn the other cheek
When you [+]

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The children wait for the slow-moving carousel;
as their parents watch, idly on the side.
The children climb on, to the sound of the bell.
The carousel slowly edges forward with no special [+]

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Are these lovely thoughts a memory,
or just thoughts posing as one?
Memory is perhaps a traitor,
but my age, it is a kindly one
when it brings a summer afternoon,
moments of sixty years [+]