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A Warm Hug

Julia Santangelo, ago

The sun is so warm
The clouds welcome the light in
A hug for your skin

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Among the Snowy Pines

Alison Murphy, ago

Among the snowy pines,
It's completely silent, not a sound. I breathe in the frosty air
While snow falls gently to the ground.
A robin flies overhead and disappears In the fog over the [+]

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The Way the Wind Blows

Taherin Chowdhury, ago

The leaves are turning red, orange, yellow, and brown.
The winds are getting stronger and colder.
The way the wind is blowing,
The leaves are falling.
This brings some joy,
This [+]

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Nature in the World

Aidan Bell, ago

Growing up I have always been interested in the world and everything on it. Not a lot of people take in the true beautifulness of the world. In today's society, we are all connected with our phones [+]

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I am accustomed to flying through the sky.
Feeling my fingers fall through the air as I release my grasp on the wooden bar anchoring my dangling body above the earth.
I soak in the audience’s [+]

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Every day the sun descends
The fireflies begin to blink
That's when we know
It’s time to get ready
All of my Dad’s workers adorn their costumes
Flashes of crimson, swaths of gold [+]

Winner - Community
PSU A Night at the Circus
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Reflections on a Camping Trip in Maine

Betsy Motten, ago

We discovered the wilderness,
and with it, the pleasures of our senses.
Sun rays shared warmth with delicate fingers,
touching us gently
as we stretched lazily upon rocks and sand [+]

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In the Midst of it all

Kimora Reddick, ago

It's oddly unfamiliar and kind of hard to explain, how do I put this? I woke up and I was in a new environment. Mom always told me that the future would hold something exceptional, but sometimes I [+]

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The Savior

Valerie Xu, ago

I once thought I didn’t know how to tell how time flies; tracking, following, and racing it always felt like a betrayal to my own identity, as if I was susceptible to guilt by simply hoping time [+]

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Solace in Seedlings

Christine Brown, ago

How to make sense of this?
How to find solace in my fear?
The answer came unexpectedly in the early days of lockdown. A thought emerged and kept persisting, “grow a garden,” it [+]

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Ode to the Changing Seasons

Bette Alburger, ago

“Stick ‘em up, trees!” the North Wind said;
Then shook down all their gold and fled!
And there they stand with limbs raised high,
Robbed by the bandit of the autumn sky. [+]