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Written in the Stars

Sammy Vaillancourt, ago

For: Sean Clauss Ullrich
When my world gets chaotic, I look to the stars
They let me know that there is more out there
Waiting to be explored, enjoyed, discovered
Some of which has yet to be [+]

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I hate the person you've made me
So you'll never hear me say that
you're the best thing that's ever happened to me
I know with all of my heart that
something in me changed when you came along [+]

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On a night that sings our
We'll take our
You and I.
It's written up there
In a place
We can never reach.
It's what some would call
And we can [+]

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Nature Comforts

Helen Pitts, ago

On a golden gift of an October day, there is sadness near the oak tree. Family gaze, pray and weep for someone so deeply loved. Prayers comfort and loving hearts hold memories as well as each othe [+]

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Arden Kass, ago

Psalm 92:12 "The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon"
I am here to comfort the dying.
So I tell myself while setting out my picnic
on a [+]

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Nature in the World

Aidan Bell, ago

Growing up I have always been interested in the world and everything on it. Not a lot of people take in the true beautifulness of the world. In today's society, we are all connected with our phones [+]

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Twin Flames

Ashton Zillhardt, ago

No matter which direction Margo turned, she found fractured and distorted pieces of herself. When her eyes darted to the left, she caught a glimpse of strawberry blonde curls held in place by he [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus
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He was the star of the show, making magic out of molecules
He always emphasized in was science, talked about the reasons for the reactions
But to me and my brother, it was always magic [+]

Runner up - Jury
PSU A Night at the Circus