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I never truly understood how the world worked and why things happened the way they did. I know it might sound cliché but when you think about it, it really is the truth. Why did we exist, and what [+]

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I love brunch, it’s an excuse to sleep in and eat breakfast late. As a non-morning person, I feel bright eyed and ready for this meal. This will be the first time I meet my fiancé’s parents so [+]

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Before my car spun out on the highway ice on the way to Chicago, slammed against the railing, and I found myself looking at the oncoming traffic of I-80—I used to spend a lot of time driving at [+]

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She is quite pretty,
Shining brighter than New York city.
Her fair silhouette takes my breath away--relax
The breeze around her, smells like flower,
The only thing that gives me powe [+]

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Eve stood on the balcony, recalling her first visit to State College. In 2017, she left the city she had lived for 18 years to study at Penn State. When Eve first came here, everything was new to [+]

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Can we overdose?
Can you and I spend our lives in carless forevers with nonchalant attitudes and free spirits of endless first times with infinite highs?
All joy and all bliss.
Can we feel [+]

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Overseas is where I went,
To escape the responsibilities,
Hoping to escape reality,
As it terrifies me.
With a hint of relief and relaxation,
I knew this is exactly what I needed. [+]

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I stood there in the pantry
My hands lightly carrying her hips
I could feel them start shaking
So I slowly loosened my grip
I was scared she would notice
But I wanted this to be [+]

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