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A spindle, a princess, and a kiss. With a prick of her finger upon a spindle, the princess aurora fell into a deep slumber. Laid gently onto the the comforter like a cloud, she rested, and rested, and [+]

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Long ago, in the age of heroes and warriors, conquests and campaigns, there was Destiny. She sat in the heavens and smiled at mankind. Before Time developed consciousness and before Love had a name [+]

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The Rabbit

Ajay Ganesh, ago

It was a normal day and I was running around as happy as can be. But then they came out of nowhere, huge metal things that seemed like birds but were bigger than the largest eagles I had ever seen [+]

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“You know I never really held any animosity toward the rain. A lot of people complain about it, but it’s all part of the cycle of life. You know what I mean?” The khaki raincoat was marked by [+]

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