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They said our life is in our own hands
They said our destiny is defined by our present actions
They said they will be there for me and together “we” will move on
They said with positivity [+]

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I clutch tightly around the handle of my umbrella, relishing in my own dryness as I make my way down the city street. I am heading home from a day of sending out applications while slowly sipping [+]

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PSU April Showers
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Our Seasons

Matthew Bodek, ago

I’m continually amazed at the wonders of nature and in this part of the world the passing of the seasons is astounding.  The temperature, the amount of daylight, and the types of precipitation [+]

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Bow Watch

Rebecca Silvey, ago

Excitement flows over me as I stand at the bow of the SSV Robert C. Seamans, the square-rigged research sailboat currently gliding through the dark ocean night. Salty air fills my nose and surrounds [+]