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Smoke rose from the fire and curled into the starry sky as the town's youth gallivanted on the outskirts of the forest. The flame swayed along with the dancers that circled it, and the crackles kept [+]

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What a blunderYour biggest mistake.The simple thought of escapePlaced you in a prison without barsAnd without a forgiving atmosphere.Whispers and murmursCrunching and creaking [+]

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We were sitting in the back of my brother Mac’s pick-up. He had a camper top, so in a circus way, it was homey. You couldn’t stand all the way up, but there were two lawn chairs and he’d built [+]

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It’s 3 am. My son is up for the second time for a bottle and diaper change. I’m exhausted, but it’s my night. My husband lies next to me, snoring obliviously. Tomorrow will be his night.I [+]

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Spring Time in Our Land

Rita Mazziol Marshall, ago

The long cold winter is finally over As Spring peaks its head through the horizon Daffodils, Tulips, Forsythia blanket the cover As the earth becomes warm & unfrozen All around us [+]

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Give Me Relief

Isatou Singhateh, ago

The vigorous sound of nature stole my heart, As I strolled quietly through the woods, A fox as cunning as they come, Looked at me with dread then roamed off without prompting, The [+]

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The Wind

Grace Hegarty, ago

It blows through your hair,
Without a care.
It rattles your house,
And it ruffles your
It moves the trees,
With great ease.
You can’t see it,
But it’s there.
The wind.

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The Garden of the Earth

Aidan Hearn, ago

The gates were opened so many years ago To the Garden of the Earth. The lock was broken and the gates flew open The sun walked into the garden for the first time. He drew a square [+]

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The Glory of Trees

Vivian Sutton, ago

The trees are losing their many leaves, Likened to wearing a dress without sleeves. The branches are started to lower their arms; They are losing a bit of their everyday charm. Soon [+]

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Keira Wilkerson, ago

I stand alone in this park But life wasn’t always like this As a young tree I was surrounded by a forest of trees, Most of them older and wiser than I I watched as wild animals [+]