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On a clouded
I'm unable to be
By those unreachable
I become
A vagrant.
Where's my
When I need him?
How do I
Go about my
Life [+]

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Keira Wilkerson, ago

Dirt-covered soles, barely any traction
Nobody acknowledges their shoes, but your shoes are so important Your shoes take you everywhere
They feel what you feel
See what you see
They [+]

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A Warm Hug

Julia Santangelo, ago

The sun is so warm
The clouds welcome the light in
A hug for your skin

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View From a Window

Catherine Pilling, ago

It began as a whisper. Utterances here and there about something brewing but I didn't pay it much mind. Then it reached the Pacific Northwest—closer to home but still far enough away that I felt [+]

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The New Species in the Yard - Me

Pam Mitchell, ago

Who could imagine what might happen if your larger world were taken away, and you were left in a small, everyday space for a while. Lonely? Boring? Maybe not.
Years ago, I started a nature [+]

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The Plover


Piping Plovers are very cute. They got their name by their "peep-lo!" call. Piping Plovers will sometimes extend one foot into wet sand and vibrate it to get food. Piping Plovers are endangered. Thei [+]

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The Bees Knees

Ashlee Catona, ago

Little bumblebee
takes landing on a daisy.
Nectar stolen,
feeling hazy
Little bumblebee,
carried by wind's tide,
dusted with pollen.
Lifes ride
Little bumblebee [+]